• Strengthening communities through strategic partnerships, giving, and volunteering.
  • Implementing responsible design principles to ensure inclusion, safety and privacy for everyone who uses our products.
  • Leveraging our platform to support mental health, civic engagement and promote initiatives and causes with a positive social impact.

Businesses must seek to do the right thing — from the way they build products, to the way they treat customers, to the impact they have on the community. At Snap we believe this is a moral imperative. The Society section of our report describes our efforts to design products responsibly; to ensure the privacy and safety of our apps’ users; to spread kindness to our communities through strategic partnerships, giving, and volunteering; and to leverage our platform to promote initiatives with a positive social impact.

Responsible Products

Creating products that empower people to express themselves is a key part of our mission to be a source for good in the world. Hand in hand with that mission: our commitment to ensure that those products reflect the highest standards of ethics, privacy, safety, and inclusion. To that end, we have long embedded privacy-by-design and safety-by-design principles into our work, and we are working hard to broadly roll out ethics-by-design and inclusion-by-design frameworks too. We seek to design our products to support fairness and inclusivity, and we ask tough questions to determine whether something we’re designing might have unintended consequences when launched into the world. And we leverage data governance controls, cutting-edge information security, robust content curation and moderation practices, and a range of safety tools to ensure our products continue to advance our missions once they are launched.
“Our principles express Snap’s deep commitment to privacy, and the entire company participates in the hard but rewarding work of bringing those principles to life in the way we design products and treat the personal data of Snapchatters.”

Social Impact on Our Platform

Through our Snapchat platform, we have the unique opportunity to educate Snapchatters about important issues that have an impact on our community. We want to help people learn about the world and express themselves and contribute to human progress on the issues that matter most to them using the Snapchat ecosystem. As we grow our reach, we want to create a platform where everyone feels like they belong. And as we continue to expand our reach, we remain focused on an app design philosophy that puts privacy and safety first.

Community and Giving

Snap cares deeply about being a good neighbor. We thoughtfully consider how we can make the greatest impact in service of our local communities around the world. We do more than write checks. We strengthen and promote the well-being of the neighborhoods where we work through volunteering and engaging in partnerships with nonprofits focusing on our three philanthropic pillars — youth, education, and the arts. We do this by building long-term, sustainable partnerships with nonprofit organizations with deep roots in our local communities that help to improve education in underfunded schools, use coding as a means to uplift the students we serve, champion the creativity of underserved youth, and drive other important initiatives for positive change. 

Snap Day In Video

In 2020, we celebrated the power of kindness and volunteerism by coming together as a global team to give back to our local communities on our annual day of service, Snap Day In, hosted on World Kindness Day.

Snap Foundation

The Snap Foundation’s mission is to develop pathways to the creative economy for youth in Los Angeles. Each of the Snap Foundation’s decisions are held up to four primary values: innovation, collaboration, transformation, and creativity — each viewed through the lens of equity. The Foundation focuses on long-term systems change and community-centered impact.

Yellow Accelerator

At Snap, we’re excited about the future of mobile content, storytelling, and entrepreneurs who push the creative boundaries of what's possible. To jump-start those companies — and support a diverse entrepreneurial community — we run the Yellow Accelerator. Yellow is an ecosystem that serves companies at the intersection of creativity and technology.