We show kindness to our nearly 5,300 full-time team members by promoting an engaging, inspiring, and rewarding workplace. In 2022, we supported our team’s mental and physical well-being, and unveiled new initiatives to engage and uplift them while providing more opportunities for career growth. We also focused on viewing all work through a DEI lens, with a strategy revolving around Inspiring Empathy, Redesigning Systems, and Driving Accountability.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Instead of approaching diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as one aspect of Snap’s business, we recognize that all our work should be viewed through a DEI lens. Our DEI strategy revolves around three interconnected pillars: Inspire Empathy, Redesign Systems, and Drive Accountability.

In 2022, we launched 52M for Content Companies, a program that helps diverse content partners distribute and monetize their shows within our Discover feed. The program’s inaugural group of creators reached 52 million viewers. Our Learning & Development team also offered self-paced DEI courses and workshops. Additionally, Snapchatters in 13 countries were profiled as part of our Global Identity Study, which revealed that in most of our markets, Snapchatters are more diverse than the general population.

Read our 2023 Diversity Annual Report at to learn more.

Image of 2 Snap team members hugging with a bitmoji of a person and the words #selfcare.

Supporting Our Team

Snap succeeds when our people succeed. That’s why we’re dedicated to supporting them — at work and beyond. Several organizations at Snap work to ensure that our team members have the support they need to grow. Our Council program is a fundamental part of our culture and DEI strategy, providing structured time led by an experienced facilitator where team members can listen and better understand colleagues from across the company. We currently sponsor 11 different Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), each centered around a cultural affinity shared by members of our global team. Additionally, we remain committed to a minimum living wage for all employees globally. 

In 2022, we continued unveiling new initiatives to engage and uplift Snap employees worldwide while also providing more opportunities for career growth. As an example, Snap team members participated in 44,000+ hours of training and development, and 700 team members participated in 1:1 coaching through BetterUp.