Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


2020 profoundly challenged the way we at Snap think and act. It made us think longer and harder about the sheer scale of the task to embed equity in business and society. 
Last year, in our first Diversity Annual Report, we publicly committed to becoming a more fair, inclusive and anti-racist company. We laid out our comprehensive strategy, with goals, to drive the change needed to live up to that promise within our company, our products, and our larger ecosystem of partners and vendors. We have learned three important lessons from the past year, over the course of doing this work:
  • First, the global racial justice protests proved that one person’s story can change the world. As a company that focuses on helping our community express themselves freely, this is not lost on us. 
  • Second, scaling empathy from those stories among all groups — especially majority groups — is critical
  • Third, DEI is collective work. At Snap, we have made significant progress internally, but we are not where we want or need to be. We can only get there if DEI is everyone’s job. It cannot be outsourced to one person or team, and certainly should not be the job of underrepresented groups alone. 
This year, our report shares our story of changing hearts, minds, and business priorities. We’ve seen how change is possible. We hope that in sharing these reflections about which initiatives have been more impactful and those that have fallen short of our ambitions, this report will be useful to others who share our vision for a more equitable future. 
As companies and countries rebuild post-pandemic and racial injustice reckonings unfolding before us, we are full of hope that the monumental lessons we’ve all learned will help us contribute to a more just, more equitable world.

Snap Inc.
Diversity Annual Report 2021

The Snap Diversity Annual Report recounts our efforts and shortcomings, and offers a way forward.

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